SAY WillMar Grief Services

SAY’s WillMar Grief Services uses group peer support and expressive arts for children, youth, and adults healing after a death or the trauma of living with a family member with a life-altering illness.

Grief Support Groups

SAY WillMar conducts free weekly and bi-weekly peer grief support groups that are age-specific and customized to the unique emotional and developmental needs of each participant. With the support of professional mental health facilitators and trained program volunteers, youth ages 5 to 19 are able to express their grief in their own time, and in a way that is uniquely their own.

Our therapeutic use of expressive arts provides the essential tools for rich, honest communication and participants are encouraged to share their unique stories and memories while deepening their common connections with peers.

Younger children and adults meet bi-weekly, and older youth meet weekly. See our support calendar for meeting times.

Want to learn more or attend a support group? Please contact Julie Iverson to learn more at (707) 935-1946.

Living with Illness Support Groups

SAY WillMar Services provides children and teens, ages 7 and up with Living with Illness Peer Support programming.

Through this ongoing support group, children were able to share about the challenges of living with someone with a life-changing illness or injury. While many of the children stayed in the group because they needed consistent support and respite concerning the losses that illness in the home brings to light, others participated for a shorter amount of time, using the group to the fullest until they no longer needed the support.

Want to learn more or attend a support group? Please contact us to schedule a meeting to learn more: 707 935-1946. You can also view our support calendar.


For more information, or to schedule a visit to WillMar Center, please contact us:

SAY WillMar Services Staff Contacts:

Photo of Julie Iverson , MFT Registered Intern #73676
Julie Iverson , MFT Registered Intern #73676 Coordinator of Grief Services Supervised by Dr. Meg Tippy, Licensed Psychologist, PSY#27044 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 x283 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Natalie Evans
Natalie Evans Program Assistant, Counseling Department Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x233 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910