BUDGET NEWS: Supes to the Rescue!

BUDGET NEWS: Supes to the Rescue!

Board of Supervisors Unanimously SAY “Yes” to Non Profit Funding!

Sonoma County Human Services Commission funds allow non-profit organizations to fill gaps in social services, saving the County thousands of dollars each year. Up until recently, these funds were in jeopardy. But, in swoop the Super Supes!!

By a straw vote yesterday afternoon, our Sonoma County Board of Supervisors unanimously restored Human Services Commission funding to 100%! Later this morning, the Board will surely formalize their support. Please join Social Advocates for Youth in honoring their commitment to our community’s most vulnerable.

Social Advocates for Youth is proud to be a part of the HSC network- 19 organizations providing services to over 11,000 Sonoma County children, youth, and adults.

Please write and call the Supervisors and thank them for sustaining the common thread to the County’s most critical safety net:

1st District Supervisor Valerie Brown

2nd District Supervisor Mike Kerns

3rd District Supervisor Shirlee Zane

4th District Supervisor Paul Kelley

5th District Supervisor Efren Carrillo

Phone: (707) 565-2241 Fax: (707) 565-3778

Finally, thank YOU! The ripple effect created by your phone calls, letters, and emails will continue on as life changing services. Your Advocacy is real and it matters!