"I learned that I'm not alone."

Carmen’s success story starts with strife. Before working with SAY at Cloverdale High School, Carmen says that she would constantly put herself down and wouldn’t stick up for herself. If someone told her she couldn’t do something, she believed them, and took that negativity to heart. Now, she’s using tools she learned in SAY’s Project SUCCESS to make choices she’s proud of. Working with Susan in the Project SUCCESS program has made her more confident.

During the school year, she and about 10 of her classmates met regularly with SAY therapist Susan Dunn to talk about the challenges they were facing in their lives, and to share their experiences with each other. Through Project SUCCESS, Carmen learned how to deal with stress, family conflict, school expectations and peer pressure.

“The groups help me understand that I can have lows and highs in my life at the same time. I can deal with the mix of emotions going on in my life. I know how to relax now because it all comes down to making good choices.

Talking with the other girls in her group was a revelation for Carmen. By sharing her thoughts with others, she discovered that she had so much in common with other teens. “Almost everyone has gone through something similar to what you are going through. I learned that I’m not alone.”

Project SUCCESS teaches youth that even when they feel helpless, they can make choices to change their situation. It teaches teens that they have the power to change their life