One Cold Night 2018: Petaluma

One Cold Night 2018: Petaluma

We are less than a month from SAY’s annual fall fundraiser, One Cold Night, taking place on December 7th. One Cold Night makes a meaningful impact on our community, shows solidarity with youth experiencing homelessness and disconnection, and builds awareness that inspires more and more people each year to step up and protect the most vulnerable kids. Leading up to December 7th, we are highlighting each of the six sleeping sites for 2018: Santa Rosa, Petaluma, North County, West County, Sonoma Valley and Rohnert Park. Read on to learn more about Petaluma and the unique needs of young people in this area!

The needs of youth in Petaluma

According to the 2018 Point-In-Time Homeless Census and Survey, at least 68 youth are experiencing homelessness in Petaluma currently. At-risk youth in Petaluma face unique geographical challenges to accessing services. Young people tend to be hesitant to leave Petaluma due to transportation issues and the fear of leaving the perceived safety of their street families. Most young people are residing in the outskirts of town in hard-to-access areas near the railroad tracks, which can make it difficult for SAY staff to safely locate them.

How SAY helps in Petaluma

SAY’s street outreach team partners closely with Petaluma Police Department to provide support in the fight against human trafficking. Our team wants to foster a sense of awareness in the community of the existence and impact of human trafficking on vulnerable youth. Our team also spends one day a week in the area connecting with young people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness by addressing their most immediate needs, including housing support, hygiene supplies, food, and referrals to key services. SAY also partners with organizations like Petaluma People Services Center, Petaluma Health Center and COTS to provide a stronger support system for youth in the area.

Why we sleep

Our goal is to advocate for youth experiencing homelessness – the most unsheltered homeless population in Sonoma County. Now more than ever the most vulnerable young people among us need access to safe housing, mental health care, and workforce development opportunities. Every dollar raised by Sleepers and their networks goes directly to getting young people off the streets, out of human trafficking, and connected with caring adults and supportive services.

One Cold Night Petaluma Sleepers include Leland Fishman, Erik Fowler, Ben Goldberg, Noah Jacobson, Ted Patchet, Scott Pritchard, Pete Brown and more! These sleepers know that when an entire community stands together in support of those who need it most, we make true progress toward a brighter, stronger future. Click here to see the full list of Petaluma Sleepers who have raised over $13,000 so far!

How you can help

Three ways you can make a difference for young people in Sonoma County: