Staff Spotlight: Jordan Goldstein

Staff Spotlight: Jordan Goldstein

Photo of staff member Jordan G

Jordan Goldstein is a natural storyteller. She easily weaves together anecdotes from personal experiences with thoughtful observations, and is quick to form connections between people, programs, and resources. Her natural candor draws people close and is a huge asset to her role as Program Coordinator for SAY’s Housing Department.

“Jordan works extremely hard to support our youth,” says Mildred Williams, Director of Housing at SAY, noting that her team supports youth around the clock.

Jordan oversees both our long-term housing program at Tamayo Village and our Pregnant and Parenting Youth housing program, known as SAY’s Family Cottage. Her ability to tell an interesting story is evenly matched by her impeccable memory.

“I remember every single youth that I have ever served,” says Jordan. “I remember the key details about their lives, I remember everything. I guess that’s why I am here; because I enjoy working with them so much.”

To understand just how many youth stories live in her memory, you have to follow Jordan’s journey across six years of working in probation for two different juvenile hall jurisdictions, one year as a police officer, and several more stints in various social service programs. Her work experience has carried her across the North Bay, from Marin County to Sonoma County, and all the way up to El Dorado County, covering parts of Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. Jordan has been a part of helping hundreds of young people with a broad range of experiences, needs, and support systems.

In fact, Jordan’s commitment to being a community helper dates back to her high school days. Born and raised in Santa Rosa, Jordan was involved in leadership projects, active in sports, and present for friends navigating through the juvenile justice system. As an adult, Jordan volunteered in the Active 20/30 club for six years, serving on the national board as well as acting as president of the Santa Rosa chapter.

“I always jump in with the attitude that someone does care, someone wants to help, and someone wants you to keep trying,” Jordan says. “I love to bring in outside resources because I know that the answer is out there. And I strive to find those answers.”

Jordan’s close ties to the county means that she knows a lot of people, which helps her guide youth towards relevant services. It also means that in her free time she is busy with friends and family. She and her boyfriend have two dogs, Harley and Patron, who keep them outdoors. Jordan is also a self-proclaimed ‘adrenaline junkie’.

“I jumped out of an airplane, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!” Jordan laughs. “I also love roller coasters, ATV riding, all of that kind of stuff.”

We’re so grateful that Jordan brings all these amazing traits to her work at SAY!