Sponsor Spotlight: Oliver’s Market

Sponsor Spotlight: Oliver’s Market

SAY is honored to have strong community partners who support our work through sponsorships. These sponsorships provide us with sustainable funding streams that enable us to evolve and create programs that match the complex needs of our youth.

Oliver’s Market is one of these incredible partners! We interviewed the team at Oliver’s to learn more about their commitment to community and their connection with SAY. Here is what they said:

Oliver’s is proud to be a local, employee-owned business, how do these values influence your commitment to supporting the community? 

Along with being employee-owned and locally-based, we are also a California Social Purpose Corporation. This status acknowledges that along with financial considerations, any business decision will also factor impacts to employees, environment, and our community. Community has always been at the core of what we do because we believe contributing to groups and events is important for businesses to do. If we all give back, we help strengthen the community and the quality of life where we operate our stores.

As a local business, providing customers with a great shopping experience is our primary goal, but serving our community lines up right behind that. It is gratifying to serve our customers well, but it is also gratifying to make a difference in our community. When we can do both things together, we consider it a “win-win”.

How did you first learn about SAY, and what inspired you to get more involved with us?

SAY has been a well-respected charity in Sonoma County for many years. The work SAY does meets the needs of a vulnerable population with specific needs not covered by other charities. Oliver’s Founder and President, Steve Maass, has followed the organization’s work for several years and decided to become a contributor and support SAY’s mission.

What makes SAY and Oliver’s such a great partnership? 

At Oliver’s Market, we value locally-based, efficiently-operated charities doing great work. SAY checks those boxes and more.

What advice would you offer to others about getting more actively involved with their community? 

In analyzing the success and impact of your business, it is gratifying to not only measure financial success, but philanthropic success as well. At Oliver’s, along with being financially successful, we work to support our community, our employees, and our environment. As business owners, we are able to affect more change than an individual and to be an example to others. Supporting our community feels good, our employees and customers appreciate it, and it makes Sonoma County a better place to live.


Oliver’s Market is proud to be a co-presenting sponsor of SAY’s Big Event: Diamonds & Denim.