Our Team

Administrative Leadership Team:

Photo of Dennis Agnos
Dennis Agnos Chief Development Officer Work Phone: 707-800-3967
Photo of Elizabeth Goldman MFT #32470
Elizabeth Goldman, MFT #32470 Chief Program Officer Work Phone: 707-800-3947 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Anita Maldonado
Anita Maldonado Chief Executive Officer Work Phone: 707-800-3949
Photo of Mary O’Brien
Mary O’Brien Chief Financial Officer Work Phone: 707-800-3966

Administration and Development Staff:

Photo of Annora Borden
Annora Borden Grants Manager Work Phone: 707-544-3299 ext. 205
Photo of Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle Communications & Marketing Manager Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x255
Photo of Sonia Byck-Barwick
Sonia Byck-Barwick Development Associate Corporate Partnerships & Events Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x250
Photo of Alicia Castro
Alicia Castro Director of Human Resources Work Phone: 707-206-7502 Work Fax: 707-703-5407
Photo of Beth Craven
Beth Craven Design & Marketing Associate Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x287
Photo of Tor Hansen
Tor Hansen Facilities Maintenance Manager
Heather MacKenzie Database & Gifts In-Kind Coordinator Work Phone: 707-544-3299 ext. 249
Photo of Heather Sweet
Heather Sweet Data Director Work Phone: 707-546-3432
Photo of Janelle Taylor
Janelle Taylor Accounting Specialist Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x 229
Photo of Sabrina Ward
Sabrina Ward Contract Compliance Coordinator Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x 244
Photo of Jon Wheeldin
Jon Wheeldin Administrative Services Manager Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x266


Photo of Samuelu Poueu
Samuelu Poueu Property Manager, Tamayo Village Work Phone: (707) 544-5446
Photo of Mildred Williams
Mildred Williams Director of Housing Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x284

Youth Crisis Services & Career Services Staff:

Photo of Tanya Carvajal
Tanya Carvajal Programs Manager Work Phone: 707-544-3299 x272
Photo of Lisa Fatu
Lisa Fatu Director of Youth Crisis & Career Services Work Phone: 707-546-3432
Photo of Elias Hinit
Elias Hinit Case Manager Cell Phone: 707-583-9421
Photo of Alejandro Jacobo
Alejandro Jacobo Case Manager
Photo of Amanda Meza
Amanda Meza Bilingual Housing and Victims Services Coordinator Work Phone: 707-522-2266
Photo of Dawnn Montgomery
Dawnn Montgomery Case Manager Work Phone: 707-544-3304
Claudia Rios Bilingual Coordinated Entry Specialist Work Phone: 707-522-2266
Photo of Molly Scott
Molly Scott Case Manager

Counseling Staff:

Photo of Emma Coe Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #114047
Emma Coe, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #114047 Lead TBS Therapist NPI #1497256101Supervised by Dr. Marian Marioni Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist #19599 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 X214 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Alison Dotti Psychological Assistant PSB #94023470
Alison Dotti, Psychological Assistant PSB #94023470 Lead Youth and Family Therapist NPI #1689192288Supervised by Dr. Marian Marioni Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist #19599 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 X264 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Natalie Evans Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker #90001
Natalie Evans, Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker #90001 School Mental Health Clinician Supervised by Kelly Rathmann, Licensed Clinical Social Worker #28796
Anna Frattolillo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist # 128132 School Mental Health Clinician Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Dani Gilardi Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #110814
Dani Gilardi, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #110814 Clinical Supervisor NPI #1790192169 Work Phone: 707-544-3299 X213 Work Fax: 707-703-4910
Photo of Kitu Jhawar-Terris Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #51399
Kitu Jhawar-Terris, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #51399 School Mental Health & Grief Services Program Manager Work Phone: 707-776-6513 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Sara Kohl
Sara Kohl Clinic Coordinator Counseling Department Work Phone: 544-3299 x233 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Lidia Lopez-Flores Bilingual Behavioral Coach
Lidia Lopez-Flores, Bilingual Behavioral Coach NPI- 1699350447 Supervised by Meghan Nunez, Licensed Psychologist PSY#29805 Home Phone: (707) 544-3299 x268
Photo of Xochi Lubin-Amaya Bilingual Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #110438
Xochi Lubin-Amaya, Bilingual Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #110438 NPI-1780156513 Supervised by Meghan Nunez, Licensed Psychologist PSY#29805 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 x283
Marina Madik, MFT Trainee Supervised by Dr. Marian Marioni Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist #19599
Dr. Marian Marioni, Licensed Psychologist PSY#19599 Lead Clinical Supervisor NPI #1457498156 Work Phone: 707-800-3951 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Alejandro Maya Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #98169
Alejandro Maya, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #98169 Youth & Family Therapist Work Phone: 707-347-9788 Work Fax: 707-703-4910
Photo of Meghan Nunez Licensed Psychologist PSY#29805
Meghan Nunez, Licensed Psychologist PSY#29805 Clinical Supervisor NPI# 1093900680 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 x203
Jack O’Dea, MFT Trainee NPI-1548934110Supervised by Dr. Marian Marioni Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist #19599
Photo of Christina Pesce Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #115979
Christina Pesce, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #115979 Youth & Family Therapist NPI #1134550379 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 x228 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Clare Pitton Licensed Clinical Social Worker #95683
Clare Pitton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker #95683 School Mental Health Clinician Work Phone: 707-347-9534 Work Fax: 707-703-4910
Alexis Purugganan, Associate Social Worker Trainee Clinical Training Staff NPI# 1497390009Supervised by Heather Dunn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker #26006 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 X243 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Brooke Ransom-Burr Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #85710
Brooke Ransom-Burr, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #85710 Director of Counseling NPI #1174822431 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 x263 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Michelle Reardon, MFT Trainee NPI-1215603097Supervised by Dr. Marian Marioni Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist #19599
Photo of Dr. Sheila Sorensen Psychological Assistant PSB #94024092
Dr. Sheila Sorensen, Psychological Assistant PSB #94024092 Youth & Family Therapist NPI #1396882957Supervised by Meghan Nunez PSY 29805 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 X232 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Vai Tompson, Behavioral Coach NPI- 1972113843Supervised by Danielle Gilardi, LMFT #110814​
Jillian Towar, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #89131: Youth and Family Therapist NPI#1720690118Supervised by Danielle Gilardi, LMFT #110814 Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 X257 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Kim Walker Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #95514
Kim Walker, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #95514 School Mental Health Clinician & Grief Services Clinician Supervised by Shauna Lopez, LMFT#89837 Work Fax: 707-544-3299 x169
Meghan Woods, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #10011, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #3495 Youth and Family Therapist NPI#1740892140Supervised by Danielle Gilardi, LMFT #110814​ Work Phone: (707) 544-3299 X247 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910

Board of Directors

Photo of Gina Belforte
Gina Belforte
Board President Website: Stanley Steemer

Gina Belforte is currently serving her third term as a Rohnert Park City Council member. Gina has previously served as the Mayor for two years and as Vice Mayor for three years. In addition to serving on SAY’s board, Gina currently serves on the Economic Development Committee, the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee, on the Water Committee and is a Rohnert Park Foundation board member.

Gina’s background includes a long career in marketing and public relations. She opened new territories for advertising companies, trained sales people and handled multimillion dollar advertising campaigns. A Northern California native, she has lived in Rohnert Park for 31 years with her husband Kevin and has two grown children. Gina is also the local owner of Stanley Steemer, employing over 20 people and servicing Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties.

Photo of Peter Hsu
Peter Hsu
Vice President Website: Bank of Marin

Peter Hsu is a Senior Vice President – Regional Manager for Bank of Marin.  Peter has more than 25 years of financial services experience and has worked in various positions in both the community and wholesale banking.  Peter’s work experience also includes several years at Bank of the West, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., ABN AMRO Bank, N.V. and Allied Capital Corporation.  Peter received his double B.A. in Economics and International Relations with a Minor in Chinese from the University of California at Davis.

Photo of Ty Comstock
Ty Comstock
Treasurer Website: Jacskson Family Wines

Ty Comstock is approaching his 23rd anniversary with Jackson Family Enterprises, and currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for all aspects of finance, IT, human resources, and international businesses for the Jackson Family. During his tenure, Ty had the opportunity to help shape the company as it is configured today, including executive leadership, corporate treasury and financing, general accounting and process improvements, mergers and acquisition, strategic vision, and information systems and technology. Prior to joining the Jackson Family, Ty spent ten years in general and financial management with Core-Mark International. A graduate of The Ohio State University, he is married and has a daughter also in the wine business.

Photo of Cynthia Negri
Cynthia Negri
Board Secretary Website: Redwood Credit Union

Cynthia Negri has been with Redwood Credit Union since 1997. As Chief Operating Officer, she oversees the operational functions of the institution, including branch operations, wealth management, marketing and communications, member experience, and project management. During her tenure, Redwood Credit Union has grown from a $300-million institution to a credit union that’s the 8th largest in California with over $4.9 billion in assets. An advocate of high service standards, Cynthia keeps the credit union focused on supporting its members and communities to help them succeed financially and achieve their dreams. She holds bachelors degrees in accounting and finance from San Francisco State University.

Photo of Clay Bilby
Clay Bilby
Member-at-large Website: Palo Alto Networks

Clay Bilby is the Head of Investor Relations at Palo Alto Networks a cyber-security company.  Prior company experience includes Keysight Technologies, Agilent Technologies and Hewlett Packard.  Professional experience includes Investor Relations, Corporate Development, Finance, Marketing, Global Procurement and start-up mentoring.  Clay is also an adjunct professor at Sonoma State University teaching the Financial Statements Analysis course in the Executive MBA program. Clay holds a BSEE from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the California State University (Sonoma State University).  Clay enjoys active sports including distance tandem biking with his wife and other outdoor activities.

Photo of Lorraine Ashton
Lorraine Ashton
Psychology Office Lorraine Ashton PhD

Lorraine Ashton PhD is a Psychologist in private practice in Sonoma. Lorraine is a retired Professor of Psychology at JFK University where she was an Associate Professor in the Masters program and served as Assistant Director of the Doctoral program. In her professor role, Lorraine was Director of Clinical Training for both masters and doctoral students overseeing clinical supervision of a school based counseling program and a community family therapy center.  After relocating to Sonoma 20 years ago, Lorraine became a founding member of Impact 100 Sonoma serving a 3-year term on the Board of Directors as Community Grants Chair.  Lorraine has worked with many nonprofits in Sonoma Valley including: Seeds of Learning who built schools in El Salvador & Nicaragua, Sonoma Overnight Support homeless program, Willmar Center for grieving children & families, Sustainable Sonoma and Teen Services Sonoma where she was Board President. Lorraine was the facilitator of the Council of Board Presidents of Nonprofits in Sonoma Valley.

In her personal life, Lorraine enjoys time with her two daughters, daughter-in-law & two grandsons; practices Buddhism; and loves her life of international travel with many friends.

Photo of Susan Barnes
Susan Barnes
Website: Barnes & Company

Susan Barnes is the owner of Barnes & Company, an award-winning strategic consulting firm specializing in the areas of land planning, land use approval, communications, public outreach and strategic communications. Susan works throughout Northern California in a wide spectrum of businesses, industries and nonprofits. Susan earned both a B.A. Political Science and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine. Susan has over 30 years of experience in dealing with federal, state, county and local government providing public affairs, land use, public outreach and media services.

Photo of Matt Brewer
Matt Brewer

Matt Brewer was born and raised in Sonoma County, and graduated from Sonoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting. Matt is a certified public accountant and works for Pisenti & Brinker where he is a manager in taxation and assurance services. Matt provides corporate, partnership and individual tax planning and compliance services and oversees audit, review and compilation engagements. Matt married the love of his life, Chloe, in 2010. When he is not working and volunteering, he keeps busy raising his three children.

Photo of Jared Cooley
Jared Cooley
Website: Hansel Leasing

Jared Cooley is the Director of Leasing/Financing for Hansel Leasing, a local company focused on providing equipment leasing across the US including the local Sonoma County wine industry.

Born and raised in Northern, CA, Jared spent 15 years in the commercial banking industry after receiving his BA from University Nevada Las Vegas and MBA from California State University Sacramento.

Jared spends his time outside the office with his wife and 3 young children supporting their interest in sports and his interest in cycling/mountain biking.

Photo of Shawn Crozat
Shawn Crozat
Website: G&C Auto Body

Shawn Crozat started his career at G&C Auto Body in 1996, sweeping floors and washing cars. He worked his way up in the family business, serving 10 years as Chief Operations Officer before becoming Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Giving back has been a company and personal focus since the beginning. Helping others and the community is a strong core value at G&C Auto Body. In addition to serving on SAY’s board, Shawn serves on the board for the Crozat Family Foundation and leads vehicle acquisition which has resulted in donating over 150 vehicles to Sonoma County families.  He lives in Santa Rosa with his fiancé and three young children. When he’s not at work he enjoys time with his family, good food, good beer, watching football and working out.

Photo of Gerard Giudice
Gerard Giudice
Website: Sally Tomatoes

Gerard Giudice is the owner of Sally Tomatoes Catering and Event Company in Rohnert Park. Born in the Bronx, Gerard is proud to call Rohnert Park home, and is a proud member of the Rohnert Park Cotati Rotary Club and the Rohnert Park Planning Commission. He also serves as a board member for the Sonoma State Athletic Association. Gerard is married to Suzanne Knauer-Giudice and has two inspiring daughters, Katarina, 2 and Isabella, 18.

Photo of Heather Nelson-Tapia
Heather Nelson-Tapia

Heather Nelson-Tapia is the Business Development Manager for Encore Events Rentals, with over 20 years of sales and management experience in the hospitality and events industry. A dedicated volunteer, Heather has served on committees for the Sutter Health Catwalk for a Cure Event, Redwood Empire Food Bank, American Heart Association’s Go Red Event, and Lytton Springs 4H.  She is a member of the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber’s Leadership Santa Rosa Program, Class 36,  and a facilitator in the Be Better Platform, a networking and professional development group. She served 8 years on the ILEA Napa Sonoma Board, including 2 years as the President.

Heather is a mother of three, a lover of good food and wine, and an 80s enthusiast. She can often be found supporting local restaurants and wineries while connecting with colleagues, friends, and family.

Photo of Troy Niday
Troy Niday

Troy Niday is Chief Operations Officer for Sonoma Media Investments, LLC publisher of the Press Democrat and other Sonoma County publications and websites. He oversees all aspects of audience development, consumer revenue generation, production and distribution for the organization. A native Nebraskan, Troy worked at four other media companies before bringing his expertise to Sonoma County in 2014. He resides near the town of Freestone with his wife Pam; they have two children in their early 20s, and enjoy traveling together.

Photo of Ted Patchet
Ted Patchet
Website: Mercer

Ted Patchet is a Partner, Senior Client Manager at Mercer, a global professional services firm redefining the world of work, reshaping retirement and investment outcomes, and unlocking real health and well-being. He has expertise in strategic business planning and has led clients through a wide variety of projects across the HR landscape over the past 24 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Nevada, Reno and a Master of Arts in Sports and Fitness Management from the University of San Francisco.

Ted lives in Petaluma with his wife Patience and their two teenage sons, Gavin and Colin. He is the Secretary for the Northern California Chapter of US Lacrosse. Other organizations that Ted has served previously include Petaluma Youth Lacrosse, the Marin Cricket Club, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Massachusetts-Rhode Island and Boys Scout of America. In his down time, Ted enjoys playing golf, walking the four family dogs and relaxing with his family.

Photo of Mark Stapp
Mark Stapp

Mark Stapp is a Director of Development at Sonoma State University, where he assists with resource development and community engagement. Mark’s work experience also includes roles at the San Francisco Zoo, Paradigm HealthCare Services, and Logistics.com.  In addition to serving on SAY’s board, Mark currently serves on Santa Rosa’s Measure O committee, the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Foundation board, and the board of the World Affairs Council of Sonoma County.  Mark earned a B.A. in Religion from Williams College and a Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Chicago. Mark and his wife, Viviann, live up the street from the Dream Center and enjoy walks in Annadel.

Photo of Tina Wallis
Tina Wallis

Tina Wallis practices land use and environmental law, with the Law Offices of Tina Wallis, Inc.  The firm advises private and public clients on all aspects of land use, such as general plan updates, zoning code updates, compliance with California’s Environmental Quality Act, land use entitlements for residential and commercial projects, conservation easements, and many other natural resource issues.

Outside of her work, Ms. Wallis can be found swimming, cycling, or walking her very bossy dog.

Honorary Board of Directors

Marcus Benedetti

Bob Casanova

Connie Codding

Matthew Davis

Nancy Fastenau

Bill Friedman

Hon. Gayle Guynup

Kevin Konicek

Matt Martin

Kay Marquet

John Meislahn

Chief Rainer Navarro

Steve Page

Brian Purtill

District Attorney Jill Ravitch

Hon. Arnold Rosenfield

Jenny Tamayo

Linda Tavis

Vic Trione

Steve Worthen

Shirlee Zane