3-40 Campaign

When youth are in crisis, the warning signs aren’t always visible.

Children and young adults grappling with grief, trauma, abuse, and unemployment often experience vulnerability in silence. For the 300+ young people who are unsheltered on the streets in Sonoma County, remaining invisible can be extremely dangerous.

The global pandemic added a whole new layer of instability to daily life. Since the beginning of this crisis, SAY has never stopped providing our services. SAY’s Street Outreach Team was one of the only outreach programs in the western states to continue offering support during shelter-in-place. In addition, SAY:

  • Provided emergency shelter to 109 youth and helped another 109 young people secure permanent housing
  • Provided 640 telehealth therapy sessions to young people in the community, and 581 therapy sessions to youth living in our housing program
  • Helped 33 youth obtain paid work experience

As our community navigates the impacts of the Delta variant, drought, wildfires, and skyrocketing cost of living, our youth will need our services more than ever.

Your pledge to raise awareness will lend a voice to the thousands of young people who utilize SAY services every year.

Help us reach our bold goal of $340,000 for the youth.

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