Every night in Sonoma County, there are more than 300 youth alone on the streets. But we know the needs of many young people don’t just start and stop with shelter. For Social Advocates for Youth, supporting the vulnerable youth in our community means understanding when and how a young person becomes destabilized, and meeting them with services that are multi-layered and unique, just like them.

Youth don’t have to be homeless to be vulnerable. Over the last fifty years, SAY has recognized the impact that stressors like financial instability, grief, and trauma can have on youth and families and has responded with services that address them exactly when and where they arise.

We organize our programs around four pillars — Housing, Counseling, Careers, Youth Crisis Services — because we know that it takes far more than one bed or one job interview to create lasting, life-altering changes. And if we can provide even one of these pillars at the moment a youth is struggling, we have the potential to prevent them from ever spending a single night unsheltered.

With your support, we have set a bold goal to raise $340,000 for the youth.

Thanks to the generosity of the John Jordan Foundation, the Do Gooder Fund and St. Joseph Health, your fundraising efforts will have double the impact. Every dollar raised will be matched, up to $100,000, allowing SAY to keep changing lives in our community.

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