SAY Housing FAQ

Who is eligible for housing with SAY?

SAY offers a range of housing programs. Any youth who is 18-24 years old who has no housing options, is in unsafe or unstable housing is encouraged to apply. Youth who are 12-18 may also be eligible for temporary shelter. Eligibility for specific programs may vary.

Please fill out our online pre-application for housing to be connected with our Housing Placement Specialist for a screening interview.

How do you prioritize applicants?

Applicants are prioritized by needs identified during intake process and other housing regulations when applicable.

When will there be vacancies?

Vacancies are unpredictable. Applicants should stay in touch with SAY’s Housing Placement Specialist every 2 weeks for updates.

What do I do if I need services now?

Persons needing assistance with emergency housing will need to access the local emergency shelters or contact our local outreach providers to obtain camping supplies. Local emergency shelter and other resource contact info can be located at or by calling 211.

SAY Street Outreach services can provide assistance with daily meals, camping gear, and access to local services. Please refer to their service page on this website.

SAY offers a range of other support services to people who may need assistance stabilizing an unstable living arrangement. If you have a place to stay or are providing someone a place to stay but it is not working we encourage you to reach out to SAY’s Counseling Services and Employment Services which may be able to provide more immediate support to help your current situation.

Is this a group home?

No, our housing programs are not group homes. Most of our housing programs are independent living with support services offered on-site to assist youth in attaining their objectives and transitioning successfully into adulthood.

What are the expectations?

There are different expectations in each housing program that are necessary for the comfort, safety, and function of different programs. Ultimately we would like to move all youth through more structured, temporary, free housing, into our affordable housing programs where the expectations shift to:

  • Paying rent.
  • Providing for and preparing your own meals.
  • Not having a curfew, but knowing how to structure your own time for success.
  • Keeping track of your own keys and securing your own living space.

What types of rules are there?

The rules at each SAY housing location are tailored to ensure the comfort, and safety of program participants, and the smooth function of the program. In general, most rules support a comfortable community-based living environment geared towards youth who are learning to be responsible renters and neighbors. Our expected conduct includes things such as:

  • Paying your rent and/or developing a savings account
  • Keeping your living space sanitary
  • Respecting other tenants, staff, visitors to the property, and surrounding neighborhood.
  • Following the visitation guidelines and assuming responsibility for the conduct of all guests you invite to the property.
  • Remaining drug and alcohol free at all times while on the property.
  • Not creating or adding to disturbances.
  • Not engaging in any criminal activity.
  • Actively engaging toward your goals. The expectation is that individuals commit 20 hours a week toward a productive activity (school, work, volunteering, self help programs, etc)
  • Engaging at least weekly for an hour with on-site support services.

Do you accept pets?

In most of our housing programs, no. Certified Service Animals are welcome in all SAY programs and services. Please be aware that Certified Service Animals are not the same as therapeutic or companion animals.

Do you accept families or couples?

We do not accept couples. We have very limited capacity for 18-24 year old parents with their children. To apply, please fill out the online pre-application for housing.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online pre-application for housing. If you are a support provider for a youth please do not fill out the application for them. SAY only accepts applications directly from interested youth.

After submitting the application online you will then be contacted by our Housing Placement Specialist for a screening interview.