School Based Mental Health Services

Project Success

SAY offers mental health services in schools across Sonoma County, including in the Santa Rosa City Schools District and the Sonoma Valley Unified School District. These services include brief interventions, assessment, treatment, and referrals.

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Santa Rosa City Schools:

  • Elementary Schools

    • Albert Biella Elementary
    • Abraham Lincoln Elementary
    • Brook Hill Elementary
    • Helen Lehman Elementary
    • Hidden Valley Elementary
    • James Monroe Elementary
    • Luther Burbank Elementary
    • Proctor Terrace Elementary
    • Steele Lane Elementary

  • Middle Schools

    • Herbert Slater Middle School
    • Hilliard Comstock Middle School
    • Rincon Valley Middle School
    • Santa Rosa Middle School

  • High Schools

    • Elsie Allen High School
    • Maria Carrillo High School
    • Montgomery High School
    • Piner High School
    • Ridgway High School

  • Charter Schools

    • Santa Rosa French-American Charter School
    • Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts
    • Cesar Chavez Language Academy
    • Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter

Sonoma Valley Schools:

  • Middle Schools

    • Altimira Middle School
    • Adele Harrison Middle School

  • High Schools

    • Sonoma Valley High School

Sebastopol Schools:

  • Charter Schools

    • The REACH Charter School

Shoreline Schools:

  • High Schools

    • Tomales High School

For counseling in the schools listed above, please contact:

Photo of Debi Emmons, LMFT #97008
Debi Emmons, LMFT #97008 School Mental Health Coordinator Work Phone: 707-583-1670 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910
Photo of Kitu Jhawar-Terris, LMFT #51399
Kitu Jhawar-Terris, LMFT #51399 School Mental Health Coordinator Work Phone: 707-776-6513 Work Fax: (707) 703-4910